Pubs, Glorious Pubs

Pubs are one of the great joys of living in England. There is so much to love about them!

Their names:

Guess which one is my favorite?

The fact that people consider it sacrilegious to serve beer in anything other than the glass specially made for it:

The Wonderful World of Beer. New Disney ride?

and last but not least, pub food. Which can range from gross and greasy to free-range, organic, and locally-sourced if you are in the right gastropub:

Bangers & Mash, Fish 'n' Chips with mushy peas, Ploughman's Lunch, and Savory Pie.

One image not included in the above montage is evidence of the most unsuitable nachos you will ever eat in your life. Think doritoes covered with burnt cheese and salsa out of a can. So nasty I refuse to order them even to get a picture for this blog.

Many a life-altering conversation has been had in their hallowed booths, many sorrows drowned, many revolutions planned, and many a Labour Government formed and ended. There is just something comforting in knowing you are drinking a pint in the same place that people have been drinking pints for hundreds of years. You can easily find pubs that were built in the 17th century, or ones that were opened just last week. Anything to suit your taste. On that note, I’m off to go find one…


About Petunia

She wore rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes And I knew without asking she was into the blues She wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls I knew right away she was not like other girls ~The Grateful Dead
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4 Responses to Pubs, Glorious Pubs

  1. M.Lane says:

    It should come as no surprise that I LONG to explore British and Irish and Scottish pubs. I might just stay in a permanent orbit of them like one of those old men in the pub in The Quiet Man.


    • Petunia says:

      lol it comes as no surprise at all! I have gone on quite a few pub crawls (or “Ale Trails” as we call them here) looking for the weird and wonderful things they have to offer. The country pubs in the middle of nowhere are by far the best!

  2. KM says:

    i love this post. can’t wait to come visit you and go sit in a pub and hang out! xo

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