Art Deco Walking Tour

Something you must do when visiting Miami if you can manage to drag yourself off the beach is go on a walking tour of the Art Deco district in South Beach. Or just wander around, no walking tour needed, there are so many buildings in the neighborhood which are an interesting and unique look at 1930’s architecture. Thank goodness most of them have been restored in all their glory. I love the Art Deco style and this was a great way to spend an unseasonably chilly afternoon.

My brother and father walking down the hallway at the Delano Hotel

Lobby of the Delano Hotel. My point and shoot camera doesn't do so well with the whole "low light" thing. Or, rather, I don't know how do deal with the whole "low light" thing.

I love the lines

The famous three - the Delano, the National, and the Sagamore Hotels

Nothing if not symetrical

800 block of Ocean Avenue. I think I messed with the colors a bit too much on this one...but in my defense it was an overcast day!

Love the colors

Lemon-colored Leslie Hotel. Apparently the pieces sticking out above the windows are called "Eyebrows."

Last but not least, new builds in the old Art-Deco style


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