Preliminary referendum results

Preliminary results show 98.83% of Southern Sudanese votes in favor of succession from the North.

This site run by the Southern Sudan Referendum Bureau has a nice map and breakdown of votes by State:

The following pics are what the images on the ballots looked like – palm facing outwards for separation, hands clasped for unity – to ensure the large proportion of the population of Southern Sudan who are illiterate (at least in English and Arabic!) could know which box to tick.



The official announcement will come either February 9th or 14th (depending on whether there is an appeal or not) and the new nation will be “created” in July.

My burning questions include: What will the new country be called? Who will win the fight to supply the development funding to build infrastructure to process their own oil – US vs. China? When will South African companies start building luxury Safari Lodges for tourists? Can the people of Southern Sudan come together to build their country now that there is no “common enemy”? Will the urban planning of the state capitals still be shaped like animals?


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2 Responses to Preliminary referendum results

  1. Ken Zinn says:

    When the Carolinas split, one became north and one became south. That seems simple and already in usage for Sudan. When Virginia split up, the main part remained just plain Virginia. The seceding part became West Virginia. Still works for South Sudan to call themselves that regardless of what the evil northern Yankee Sudanese do.

  2. Petunia says:

    Does it work? Yes. But wouldn’t it be more fun to watch all the random names that people come up with? (insert evil snicker here…)

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