Zee Alps

First things first: To the reader who visited my blog after Googling “raccoon died”: awesome!!! I think you may win the randomest-search-engine-term prize.

The reason my Mom and I were so excited to eat fondue is because we had a very full day going up to the Alps. After sleeping in a bit we headed out to the train station and hopped on a train to Interlaken. Getting out of the city is never a bad thing, and I was craving some mountain goodness. An hour and a half later we were there – just at the wrong train station. There is a station for Interlaken-West and another for Interlaken-Ost and we got off at the wrong one. Back and forth twice more (!) after a visit to the tourist information office we started the second leg of the journey to Mürren.


A=Basel, B=Interlaken, C=Mürren

The village is sort of a halfway station for people going up higher to ski and a compromise because going up to the Jungfrau Glacier would be a bit too long of a trek. To get to Mürren from Interlaken we had to take another train, a funicular/gondola contraption, and finally a narrow-gauge tram. But the views were more than worth it!


View from the Gondola going up - living in one of those houses would be COLD!

Brrr...but so picturesque

Does this count as a glacier?

Curling anyone?

On our way up in the gondola and the tram there were a lot of teenage girls. Not with ski/snowboarding equipment, but just regular clothes, singing along to their ipods, etc. When we reached the top we realized why – there was some sort of competition with show jumping with a festival built around it.


Just to set the scene


Better him than me


Apparently '80's neon ski attire is back in style in the Alps

A bar with a view

View of the town of Lauterbrunnen from the gondola on the way down - look at those cliffs!

Bye bye Alps, see you in the summer hopefully!



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