Indonesia 6: Nias

Bali was only 4 days and Nias 8. Bali got five posts on this blog, Nias will only get one. Not because it is not worth experiencing, but because it was SO much more worth the trip. I did not keep a journal in Nias, because it felt like THIS was the reason I came to Indonesia. Not to document my running around, but to spend time with my friend, her fiancee, and their families celebrating their wedding. Oh, and surfing. Lots of surfing.

IMG_3994 IMG_3997 IMG_3998 IMG_4000

Before this trip to Indonesia I had become a bit jaded about traveling and seeing new places. Dealing with travel and showing up somewhere new with only a vague idea of a plan is my bread and butter, and I expected to see interesting things, but I was not prepared to once again be blown away by people and landscape and everything about a place.

IMG_4092 IMG_4093 IMG_3990 IMG_3980

I loved this island. Everything about it. Nias and I were love at first sight. Nothing big and built up, just people enjoying life and the place they live.

IMG_3971 IMG_3972


I went for a barefoot walk one evening at dusk wearing a cover up type of dress over my bathing suit, and partway through decided that it would be nice to jog instead. So I did, lack of shoes and proper clothing and all, just started trotting down the road. And it was no big deal.


It’s the kind of place you want to spend three months at a time because everything slows down and instead of creating anxiety, makes you take a breath. A glorious, deep, grateful breath.

IMG_3961 IMG_3965

Trust me, I’ll be back.



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She wore rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes And I knew without asking she was into the blues She wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls I knew right away she was not like other girls ~The Grateful Dead
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