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Come to DC and I can make you a believer

Who has two thumbs and a PhD in Epidemiology? This girl!  Thesis successfully defended, done and dusted. If you’re interested in the details let me know and I’ll send along a summary.  I moved back to DC last week and … Continue reading

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How much is enough?

I notice it most with running. Wanting to push beyond the limit of what I can normally expect from my body and from my mind. But the problem with pushing limits is the bar is then being constantly reset, and … Continue reading

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Boom go the fireworks!

Have you ever felt like you are on the edge of something important, something life changing, something incredible, but you don’t know what it is? I haven’t been able to shake that feeling for the past three weeks. There are … Continue reading

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Wisdom sits in places

First of all, Happy Pi Day y’all! My friend Marie shared a link to this article in the NYT Travel section by Eric Weiner and I just loved reading it. Absolutely loved it. Hearing about his “thin places,” or more specifically, … Continue reading

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Roses are red, violets are blue…

“We ourselves and our cultures are all left with a scar or a limp that shows we have mangled or managed our way through a great something. And, we are still here. Crookedy here and there. But in some greater … Continue reading

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Yarn Bomb!

I was going to name this post “Wordless Wednesday” because even though it’s technically Thursday in Washington, DC it’s still Wednesday everywhere West of here. At least until you hit the International Date Line. But then having to explain all … Continue reading

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Ta da! Map of Paradise unveiling

Just because I thought it was time to spice things up around here, I am pleased to announce the unveiling of the Map of Paradise (linked for those of you reading from Google Reader or something similar)! The tab is located right … Continue reading

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LSD in my coffee

This latest move has not been easy. In fact, it has been one of the most difficult. Given how often I move that is saying something. Moving to Juba was a piece of cake compared to this. Not the logistics, … Continue reading

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Quinquina, who’s got the keys to my bimmer?

Sometimes it’s easy to think we are all floating through life randomly, one event bumping into the next, but really? It’s often simple to connect the dots and trace how we got from one point to another. The whole seven … Continue reading

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Integrity & Love

Months later wisps of memories manage to escape through cracks in the glass, clay, bricks, reinforced steel I have tried too hard to build around the good parts. Parts which make the aftermath that much more difficult to bear. Smiles, … Continue reading

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