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Run, Petunia, Run!

So, two months ago I ran a marathon. That happened. And I haven’t run one single step since the race. Instead I’ve been eating everything in sight (raclette, french fries and kebabs, oh my!). But that doesn’t mean this was … Continue reading

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Longest word contest contender

49 letters long! 49! Yowza!

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Roses are red, violets are blue…

“We ourselves and our cultures are all left with a scar or a limp that shows we have mangled or managed our way through a great something. And, we are still here. Crookedy here and there. But in some greater … Continue reading

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Aletsch Glacier

I think I am officially spoiled. The Aletsch Glacier is the largest glacier in Europe and I was able to go see it on a day hike. Only¬†a 2 hour train ride away from Basel, and a 2 hour hike … Continue reading

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Arlesheim Adventure

My flatmate S and I decided to take an impromptu bike ride to Arlesheim, a town about 8 miles south of Basel. Pretty bike path along the river and castles? Yes please! While we arrived in Arlesheim with no problem, … Continue reading

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Fasnacht 4: Lanterns

…continued from Fasnacht 3 Oh my goodness I forgot to publish this post! Sorry for the extended delay! The last major part of Fasnacht are the lanterns. Each clique picks a sujet (theme or subject) that is reflected in the … Continue reading

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Spring Photo Extravaganza!

Welcome to number 2 in a flurry of posts. That’s how we roll here at Petunia in Paradise: radio silence for months, then 4 posts in one week. Besides, “extravaganza” sounds so much more enticing than “catch-all for random stuff … Continue reading

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Skiing in the Alps is Glorious

Most of my memories of skiing when I was young growing up on the East Coast of the USA are associated with scraping and sliding down ice-covered slopes in blistering, extremity-numbing cold and counting the minutes until I could risk … Continue reading

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Fasnacht 3: Waggis!

…continued from Fasnacht 2 Now the fun can really begin! At about 6:30am we went back to the hotel my parents were staying at to partake in the traditional Fasnacht meal. This consisted of “Onion Pie” (basically a quiche) and … Continue reading

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Fasnacht 2: Morgestraich

…continued from Fasnacht 1 Morgestraich, the official start of Fasnacht – Monday morning at exactly 4 am all the lights in the old town of Basel are shut off (including the street lights) and carnival begins! The lights from the … Continue reading

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